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No more room for slip ups

After Liverpool's most recent league defeat, many fans would have been forgiven for thinking that the chance of finishing 4th in the league had almost disappeared.

With Everton playing host to Blackburn the following day, surely they'd take an opportunity to all but put Liverpool out of contention.

But, for the second time in six weeks, Everton failed to take advantage of an earlier slip up by Liverpool.

Had Liverpool ended the weekend 11 points adrift of their neighbours, it would have been very difficult to see them ending the season as the city's highest placed club for the 18th successive year.

Last weekend it was Blackburn who left Goodison with all the points, and an identical scoreline as that achieved by Charlton in January, on an afternoon which followed a midday defeat for Liverpool at Southampton.

Despite all of Liverpool's poor performances away from home, they're still very much in contention for the Champions League qualification by recording a top 4 league finish, but they simply have to start putting pressure on Everton as the season enters it's most crucial stage.

And what better way to do that than to cut the deficit to two points with a couple of home wins this week.

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