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Carra awards ommision a joke

It was always going to be a race between Chelsea's two most influential players when the PFA's nominations were announced.

Despite all the big money signings of the Ambramovich era at Stamford Bridge, John Terry and Frank Lampard have again been the standout performers for the side who are surely on their way to the title.

Beyond those two players though, it's difficult to find any player in the Premiership who has been as consistently brilliant as Jamie Carragher.

The Liverpool number 23 has been a key member of the Liverpool back line for a few years, and during that time has proved himself to be one of the best defensive players in the country in every position across the back four.

And, finally, following another magnificent season, it appears that he's getting the recognition that his performances deserve, though not in time, it seems, to earn himself a nomination for the end of season awards.

It's not a completely unfamiliar story for the boy from Bootle, who has often had miss out on International games, even during periods when he's been clearly outperforming those who he must compete with for a place in the centre of England's defence.

As good as Ferdinand and Campbell may be, if recent form is anything to go by then both players should have seen their England places handed to players who have simply been far more impressive over the last couple of seasons.

With a World Cup just a year away, it will be interesting to see if Sven has been taking notice of Carra's exceptional performances this year, particularly in the Champions League, a stage which has seen Carragher go on to prove himself as one of the best centre halves on the continent.

But whether or not the England manager can bring himself to drop the undroppable in order to accommodate two of Europe's best defenders remains to be seen.

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